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in iraq. president obama will meet with area students today.he's expected to arrive at parkville middle and center of technology later this morning. morning.megan giililand is live from the school with more on what the president is expected to say. say.good morning patrice, president obama is expected to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be competitive prepare our kids education to investing in importance in about the expected to talk president obama is patrice,good morning the president is expected to arrive at 10:15.we will have live coverage, stay with us. live in parkville, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. today.. president 3 3 choices. 3 choices.some tough willing to make some tough choices. 3 3 today.. president obama will also submit a 3-trillion dollar proposed budget for 2012.the plan promises a 1-trillion dollar budget reduction over the next decade.. by freezing many domestic programs for five years.. trimming military spending and limiting tax deductions for the wealthy.the president's budget director says the spending package sho
burglary goes bad. we will have a live report. >> the budget battle, president obama's spending plan as big cuts, but critics want more. >> ♪ >> major upsets on music's biggest night. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this monday, february 14, valentine's day. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. good morning. i hope you had a good weekend. happy valentine's day. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has been the forecast, but it will be like spring by the end of the weekend. >> it's going to be a warm week. there will be a few ups and downs. there's a wind advisory in effect today because there could be gusts up to 55 miles an hour. wind out of the south right now. now 47 at4 and it's reagan national downtown. 46 in gaithersburg, 49 in martinsburg. 46 in culpeper. 50 degrees in fredericksburg. well into the 50's for high temperatures today. los 60's down south of the metro area. wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. in the 20's tonight. wind chills in the
. >> the budget battle, president obama's spending plan as big cuts, but critics want more. >> later, major upsets on music pose the biggest night. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. happy valentine's day. thanks for joining us. we will have much more of the breaking news that we are following this morning. let's give started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden in a moment. we're starting with meteorologist adam caskey. i love the numbers today. be very windy to today. still breezy tomorrow. pretty breezy through the extended forecast. the wind is going to affect temperatures. a san downs this week. but more u thanp down. 46 in alexandria. 46 in mitchellville. 44 in rockville and 46 installing. the wind will accelerate through the morning. wind advisory through the dead until 10:00 p.m. some gusts as high as 50 and maybe 55 miles an hour with temperatures approaching 50 degrees today. a little busier --breezy. >>> a nice sp
obama will talk about the budget this morning during his visit to the parkville middle school. emily schmidt is in washington with details. >> reporter: the white house says the three and a half trillion dollar budget it delivered to congress begins to do what american families much do -- must do live within their means. >> it freezes annual domestic spending for the next five years. even on programs i care about which will reduce the deaf set by more than 400 billion dollars over the next decade. >> reporter: president obama says his budget saves more than a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. 2/3 from cuds, 1/3 from -- cuts 1/3 from tax increases. it would shave home heating assistance, money for clean water and defense spending. and the budget director says they are painful decisions. >> it's important to note we are beyond the easy low hanging fruit. >> reporter: but more money go to ha today high speed rail and new education programs. republicans say that cannot work. >> it looks like to me that it's going to be a very small on spending discipline and a lot of new spending
the signal that we should start growing again as america. >> president obama says he is looking forward to working with the gop and other democrats on cutting the budget and trimming the debt. he unveils his new budget plan next week. the republicans roll out their proposal tomorrow. >>> virginia's attorney general trying to expedite taking president obama's health care plan to the speak. he filed a petition to leapfrog the appeal's court review and take the case straight to the high court. the republican lawmaker wants the supreme court to consider the challenge to spare states and the private sector expenses. >>> we are tracking a little snow that could dust our area tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt is on it. he has got the details. and up next, a break through in the treatment of breast cancer. what it means for every woman and man who has been diagnosed with this disease. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? one near y
monday, february 14th 3 3 3 3 president obama will meet with area students today.he's expected to arrive at parkville middle and center of technology later this morning. morning.megan gilliland is live from the school with more on what the president is eepected to say. say.good morning patrice, president obama is expected to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be commetitive in the world. world. in his state of the union address, the president called for new investments to prepapre 100-thousand new math and science teachers over the next 10 years.he's making drastic cuts to allow for more spending in education, technology, and basic infrastructure. obama says: "at stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country, or somewhere else. it's whether the hard work and industry of our people is rewar" rewarded."parkville middle and penter of technology is a stem school, meaning it focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. skills the president says will help win the future.during his time here today, the president wil
obama issued a critical and blunt statement following mubarak's latest defiant stand. now, clearly impatient, mr. obama said the universal rights of the egyptian people must be respected. quote, the egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority. the president said, but it is not clear yet that this transition is immediate, meaningful, or sufficient. ines ferre is in washington with more on this. good morning, ines. >> reporter: good morning, betty. and president obama held a late-night meeting at the white house with his national security team. they're scrambling right now, after being caught off guard by the latest turn of events. the white house was as surprised as anyone president mubarak did not step down. in a statement last night, president obama criticized the egyptian leader for not offering his people the reforms they demand. it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the word, it read. the egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they h
obama as his motorcade step 5. his destination was this a great environmental science class of parkville middle school. -- this 8th grade science class. he went to get look at the science technology engineering and math programs. >> to been to start out by taking class's in each of four subjects from applied engineering to environmental science gradually focusing on one subject over the next couple of years. >> the president says he wants to model the programs like the one here at parkville across the nation. that is welcome news where the county school superintendent. >> this validates when we have been doing here in the baltimore county with regards to paring -- preparing students in stem education. >> first of all, the kids say hi. michelle says hi. happy valentine's day. have you guys been exchanging valentines? >> 6:00, more from the president and from some of the student team met today. by that parkville middle school, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the president is calling for a 20 toller billion increase in education funding. -- $20 billion increase. republicans pounced calling
to the budget laid out by president obama. first impressions from the gop house members are that the budget cuts don't go deep enough. >>> that does it for us. happy valentine's day. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern. now over to suzanne malveaux. >>> i'm suzanne malveaux. we want to get you caught up on valentine's day. happy valentine's day to you, february 14th. >>> president obama sent congress his budget plan for 2012 and it calls for spending $3.7 trillion. the white house says the blueprint, this draft, will cut the deficit more than $1 trillion over the next decade. >> when i was sworn in as president, i pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. the budget i'm proposing today meets that pledge and puts us on a path to pay for what we spend by the middle of the decade. we do this in part by eliminating waste and cutting whatever spending we can do without. as i start, i've called for a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years. >> republicans immediately complain that the president is spending too much and cutting too little. bud
. president obama making his visit today. and he will talk about science and technology and we are connected all the time and we are looking for a connection and talk about the wind pushing 30 to 40 miles per hour that will help get us to the two degree guaranteed high of 57. now to work and out the door with kim brown. >> reporter: you can expect president obama's visit to expect traffic on the inner loop between 95 and harford road after 8:30 this morning. expect to see closures and detours posted because of the president's visit. plan your trip accordingly. looking live at cameras, no problems on 50 and 97. we have reports of some downed power lines up in reisterstown and we are working a pair of accidents in downtown baltimore. i will bring you up to speed about those in a few moments. now back to you. >>> president barack obama will discuss a three trillion proposed spending package for 2012 and this includes education and abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us live with what we are focusing on today. >> reporter: yes, we are standing by live here where in few momentse hours, president obam
a breakdown last summer that left 1,200 people stranded for hours in the sweltering heat. >>> president obama and republicans in agreement that the federal budget needs to be slashed. in his weekly address the president said when he unveils his budget proposal on monday he will aim to freeze domestic spending for the next five years, a move that would save $400 billion. he will also look to get rid of unused government buildings and also to freeze the salaries of government workers. that's not all. this morning the associated press reports the president will propose major cuts to a government financial aid plan citing the source within the administration ap says president obama will cut billions over the pell grant program the next decade. pell grants are for college students for low income families >> time is 9:07. first lady michelle obama making headlines with her advice on love. >>> also ahead, another sign that sarah palin could be making a run for the white house. >>> and health concerns at the "playboy" mansion. the symptoms plaguing people that led to a health investigation. >>> and m
for the names of thousands of illegal aliens living in the county. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county tomorrow to talk about money and education. the president, education secretary, ernie duncan and jack lew will head to parkville middle school. that school has a focus on science and math. the president wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> and right here at home president obama is getting ready to unveil his 2012 budget. the goal to cut the deficit by $1.3 trillion in the next 10 years. that includes cutting some programs the president supports. some republicans aren't convinced he's going stick to the script, and house speaker john boehner found 150 economists to sign a letter calling for spending cuts immediately should. if it's what these early press reports show, it shows that he's advocating leadership on that point. i'm hoping that's not the case that we can get this debt going down, but it looks like the debt is going to continue rising under this budget. >> they got here and some of the wiser heads said, whoa, you know, if you sta
. the obama admintration ss e decision to step down is a positive first step. >> the egyptian government and military now seem to be an agreement that president mubarak's adopt a more symbolic role. the president emphasized that his new position and he left hero and whzero showing that is no longer in the capital directing the day-to-day affairs of the country or managing the crisis. yesterday, he handed over his authority to the vice president. today, the army said it was excepting that transfer of power and said it would act to guarantee that the aspiration of the egyptian people are met. free and fair elections will be held and there will be no retribution against the demonstrators. the army is putting its credibility on the line but so far, the demonstrators are not accepting it. they don't trust the process even now that the army says it will guarantee a car they want mubarak to leave egypt and fear that ehe could even come back and change the system again. >> their reaction to the resignation is coming in quickly. this is what a few of our facebook friends had to separate"wow, i ho
school in parkville. president barack obama will be at parkville middle to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be competitive in the world. world. this is a live look at the school as preparations are made for the president's his state of the union address, the president called for new investments to prepapre 100- thousand new math and science teachers over the next 10 years.he's making budget cuts... but wants to expand spending in education, technology, and basic infrastructure. obama says: "we can't win the future with a government of the past. the world has changed, the competition for jobs is real. but this shouldn't discourage us, it should challenge us. us.parkville middle and center of technology is a stem school, meaning it focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. skills the president says will help win the future.during his time in parkville, the president will also visit a classroom laboratory. today's visit to parkville comes on the same day the president submits his 3- trillion dollar proposed budget
eyes are on this school. on the day he rolled out his budget blueprint, president obama chooses baltimore county as the backdrop for the key in education. >> right now this school, parkville, is preparing kids for the jobs of the 21st century, a school that nurtures what students are passionate about and prepares them for success. >>reporter: the president, along with education secretary, sees the school as the perfect example of what other schools should focus on to compete in a global economy. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders is not economics, not finance or even business. it's engineering. >>reporter: in the days ahead the president will take what he learned today to persuade lawmakers to pass his budget plan. the president's budget eliminates 200 federal programs. today the president said the country will try to live within its means like so many american families are. >> we're going to have to get serious about cutting back on those thi
's the view inside the obama administration, could iran turn into the next egypt. they're being aggressive in their public statements about iran. >> they are, but they are realistic about the fact that iran is a different ball game, you just talked about it, it is extremely repressive. the level of repression is much higher actually, than it was in egypt, and almost anywhere they're executing, torturing, rounding up people, so realistically, to think that something could happen that easily, there's no illusion i think here. that said, there is that tide of people's movements that is definitely sweeping. you just showed the map, sweeping that region. by saying that perhaps the same thing, the people of iran should take the same rights that everyone else is entitled to could be a powerful message. also, don't forget after the 2009 election in iran, the united states did not speak out very forcefully, very quickly, and now it is. so they are changing. they're being much more aggressive. >> fareed, the hypocrisy of the iranian regime is pretty extraordinary for them to be praising the egyptian
czar for the obama administration steven rattner joins us this morning. we had a busy weekend, steve and i. >> yes, you and steve were jet setting -- >> yes. my husband and i took the kids to see "spider-man." it was squarery. if they tighten it, lit be a hit. it was oversensitizing. didn't i walk into the party trembling? >> what made me tremble was watching "meet the press" and congressman schilling, he seems like a nice guy. >> exceedingly nice. >> very nice family man. >> great story, great small business owner. here is the deal, mika. if i'm looking for a doctor and i know i've got cancer, a tumor the size of a grapefruit. >> that's bad. >> i go to the doctor. i have this grapefruit-sized tumor. and we talk. he says, yeah, i'll take it out. then i'll give you my first check as if it was a fee for services for health care. he says, i don't know whether i'm going to cut on you, but i do notice you've got a little rational over here. let me give you some creams and appointment. it's fairly obvious, we've got a tumor, this country. our condition, it's pretty easily diagnosed. raise
. this is abc 7 news. >>> about when we continues here tonight. tough choice. president obama budget and some of the cuts he's proposed felt most here in the bay area. fichlt flash point iran. inspired by the event in egypt tens of thousands of protestors take to the street as police charge in with tear gas. >> diplomatic rift. the rising tension over an american accused of killing 2 pakistani. >> plus russia trip to mars. excitement overlanding in a giant sand pit. >> and why president obama is giant sand pit. >> and why president obama is headed to the bay area >> good evening once again. president obama released his proposed budget for 2012. it cuts more than a trillion dollars in federal spending over 10 year time. in his state of the union speech the president warned that the cuts would be sharp. and in programs that he cares deeply about. now he's daring republicans to do more. here's political reporter mark matthe matthews. >>reporter: president obama calls it a budget filled with sacrifices. >> if we are going to walk the walk comes to fiscal discipline these kind of
. >> if you have not planter valentine's day celebration yet, there is still hope. >> president obama will roll out his 2012 budget tomorrow, but the political battle is already underway. republicans say the president is not cutting enough, but they are not just fighting him, they are fighting each other about the bottom line. >> president obama is about to unveil his 2012 budget, and it would slash one trillion dollars in spending over a decade. >> the budget asked washington to live within its means, while at the same time investing in our future. >> republicans say investing is just code for spending more, and they will not do it. >> this is not winning the future, this is spending the future. next president is calling for cuts in programs ranging from the forestry service to low- income heating assistance. even cuts to community organizers like he used to be. >> the notion that we can do this painlessly, it is not possible to do it painlessly. >> the cuts are short of what was suggested. >> this president has been punting. >> while republicans by the president over dexter spending
budget battle. president obama prepares to submit his spending plan while conservative republicans are >>> egypt's military leaders have met two key demands by announcing they suspended the constitution and dissolved the parliament. known as the ruling council did that just today meeting for the first time since mubarak's departure saying it plans on running the country for about six months or until elections can be held. the military is working to clear out tahir square and reopen the surrounding roads to get the country moving again. establishing security will be their first priority. some protestors want to stay in the square. others seem satisfied that the transition is underway. >> people will leave and go home but egypt will come back again. everything will be okay. >> some egyptians continue to celebrate the victory of pushing mubarak out of power, others are taking part in cleaning up the square which is symbolic of their desire to clean up the government and take ownership of egypt. >> how long will egypt remain under military rule should elections be held right away? as s
arabia king had a terse conversation with president obama yesterday and being described as serious strain between the two leaders with regard to what is going to happen in egypt. king abdullah goes back in time with mubarak and hey, if the united states appears to be throwing out a leader this quickly in egypt, what would they do if there was an uprising in saudi arabia. >> brian: he said obama administration no matter what you decide to do with hosni mubarak, you have to understand the degree of pride this guy has. hoe feels you have not factored in that for him to leave the post and quickly change leadership. >> steve: you mention pride, brian. there is an element of egyptian who have pride in hosni mubarak. he was a war hero and they don't want him to go. there is that element as well and also a element that is supportive of the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood are for sharia law and tearing up the treaty with israel. james clapper talked about the muslim brotherhood saying it was largely secular which is isn't. listen to what he said. >> >> speaking about the muslim brotherh
asked about that honor. >> i think it's a real honor. when obama called me about it, i was thrilled and i consider the medal of freedom a very special thing. i don't know whether the american people do so i'll be up there getting my little thing, the rosette for the lapel. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. mr. bush will receive the award on february 15th at the white house. and those are the headlines. congratulations. >> that's awful nice. >> the ongoing crisis in egypt continues as now there's a general strike over there and now the protesters who were told to go away are fanning out to the parliament building as well as the health and human services building. now, more behind the scenes, back channel talks are being exposed and confirmed by the white house that shows the saudi king essentially firing a verbal warning shot to president obama. >> that's right. ford and you're looking live at pictures of the people in the streets right now in cairo. four days after the people took to the streets, apparently the king of saudi arabia called barack obama
but to push back harder. today will be a volatile one. back to you. >> back here at home, president obama reacted to the shift of the shift of some powers. in a statement, the president questioned whether the latest concession is a meaningful sign of reform. tracie potts is in washington with more on that. good morning. >> lynn, good morning. that speech was a huge disappointment here in the united states, as well. in fact, initially president obama was hopeful that he would step down and answer the call of these protesters, addressing the u.s. before mubarak's speech, president obama said that we were witnessing history unfold, that this was a moment of transformation, and that america would support an orderly and genuine transition in egypt. but that is not what happened. mubarak handed over power to his vice president, but said that he would stay on until september. after that speech, president obama issued a statement, a pretty lengthy one, saying that this was not a clear transition that is immediate, meaningful or significant, that egypt had not yet seized the opportunity for what h
couple and their daughter. >>> tomorrow president obama will roll out his 2012 budget but the political fighting is already under way. republicans say the president is not cutting enough, but the gop is not fighting the president. they are fighting each other over the bottom line. brian mohr. >> reporter: president obama is about to unveil his 2012 budget, it would slash $1 trillion in spending over a decade. >> this budget asks washington to live within its means while at the same time investing in our future. >> republicans say investing is code for spending. >> this isn't winning the future. this is spending the future. >> reporter: the president is calling for cuts in the forestry service to low-income heating service and community organizers like he used to be. >> the notion we can do this painlessly is not possible. we are going to make tough choices. >> reporter: the $1 trillion in spending cuts is far short of the $4 trillion his bipartisan deficit commission suggested. >> presidents are elected to lead not punt. this president has been punting. >> reporter: the republicans figh
plata high school. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county to talk money and education tomorrow. the president and education secretary arnie duncan and jack lou will head to parkview middle school. the school has a focus on science and technology and math which the president wants to invest in. he wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> egypt military cabinet is trying to restore security. they met to talk about priorities in bringing the nation back to order after 18 days of protests. already they've dissolved the egyptian parliament and suspending the constitution, two key dehe mands from the pro -- to key demands from the protestors. but something is building in an already unstable country. we're talking about iran. >> with rally cries about cairo, protestors in tehran are getting ready to take to the streets. peter ducey explained their demands. >> iranians are spay painting the street signs in iran. they have seen what their neighbors in egypt and tunisia have done and after the liz lambic revolution which topped the shaw of ir
political change as the country heads towards re-election 37. >>> budget showdown. president obama proposes a plan to slash the definite is the by more than a trillion dollars. but republicans say it's pot enough. >>> and grammy gold. who were the big winners on the recording industry's biggest who were the big winners on the recording industry's biggest night? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> that lowe and good morning. today we begin with a new path in egypt. following weeks of protests that brought down the regime of now former president hosni mubarak, egyptians are looking to the future with a cautious optimism. egypt's army is now firmly in control and has made sweeping changes that have been so far welcomed by pro democracy protestors. military leaders have imposed martial law, dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution. the army says it will be in charge only until elections are held, which could take place as soon as six months from now. meanwhile, normalcy is starting to return to cairo. military police moved into reopen tahrir square to traffic. and i
work...keep it up." up." president obama in baltimore county. why he says spending more money on education now will benefit us all in the future. -------------------------------- ---------------- -------------------------------- --------------- and the 53rd annual grammy's. grammy's. ---singing--- ---singing--- from an aretha franklin lady gaga in an egg. more memorable performances and the singer who slipped and fell on the stage. helllo... i'm... jeff b. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. the murder trial of a baltimore community leader accused of killing his pregnant wife is underway. underway. keith daniels.../ live.../ at... mitchell courthouse .../// ...///ááwhereáá...// the... jury's.../ been seated...//// ááandáá.../ testimony.../ is... set to.../ begin. 3 2--men.../ are... stabbed at.../ a... gas station.../ in... northwest .../ baltimore. baltimore. áájustáá... before...// 11 a-m .../ on... liberty heights.../ and... gwynn oak.../ avenues...//. áátheyáá.../ were... s
as the president mubarak has resigned we're expecting to hear from president obama we will bring you that as it happens within the hour good afternoon on, i'm dina wilke and our viewers on wgn america and online. center has been following this story and joins us with the latest, a revolutionary days in egypt the end of the dictatorship. the boys and will of tens of douses of protesters prove to be victorious. >> in a stunning turn of events in egypt officials announced on egyptian state television that president mubarak will step down. after almost 30 years in power in 18 days of protesters demanding a regime change. reports that mubarak has left the country's capital cairo and is heading to a city near the red sea. yesterday mubarak made a rare live television appearance to tell people that you delegate power to vice president omar suleiman but gave no indication that he was stepping down. . >> my responsibility to protect the constitution in the interest of the people until the power is passed. >>-initial statement in. indeed thousands of demonstrators gathered in cairo is to rear
%. >> finishing second, mitt romney, just one of the gop heavyweights. >> this is the obama mystery index. it is at a record high. >> they heard from underdogs that may or may not step into the ring. >> our america is -- an agenda is america's agenda. >> i have never had a book signing. >> the hardest shots were reserved for president obama. >> not only do we face a crisis today, we do not have the leadership in the white house that can deal with it. >> this year, the tea party is demanding to be heard. >> if we do not do what we were sent here to do, this revolution will overrun us. >> these conservative share a common goal. >> winning the white house in 2012. >> there is no clear road map. >> i have not yet heard our plan. >> for conservatives, a preview of 2012. >> still had come up mothers take to the nation's capital protesting for their right to breast feed in public. find out why hundreds braved the find out why hundreds braved the cold to run in >> hunters have fun in their underclothes this weekend. this is the second year of the undie run taking place in the nation's capital. do
but if court has ordered he cannot complete financial transactions more than $1,000. >>> and obama visits an area school to push his the budget agenda. >> reporter: president obama put parkville middle in the spotlight today as he unveiled his $3.7 million spending plan. >> reporter: the presidential motorcade arrived at parkville middle the center of technology just before 11:00. soon after, president obama appeared in a classroom giving a 90 minute speech. >> right now this school, parkville is preparing our kids for the jobs and careers of the 21st century. >> reporter: the president saw firsthand how the school is doing just that. >> so do you guys do a lot of group projects like this? >> reporter: parkville middle school is an constitution that focuses on science, technology, engineer and math. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders isn't economics, it's not finance. it's not even business. it's engineering. >> reporter: in the days ahead, president o
on that story. good morning. >> today, president obama sits down with his republican rivals from the house. one day after a congressional panel signs off on what would be the largest budget cuts in u.s. history. on the lunch menu at the white house today, the economy, with a side of spending. president obama hosting top house republicans, including house speaker john boehner and majority leader eric cantor. >> without a doubt, i think there will be a heavy discussion on the economy and on spending. >> with the national debt at a staggering $14 trillion, the focus in washington is on fiscal restraint. >> people are angry about bridges to nowhere. >> republicans and democrats generally agree something needs to be done, but clash over where to cut and by how much. >> a lot of people around the country think we operate here in washington with a culture of spendthrift. we need to replace that with a culture of thrift. >> a bipartisan group of senators floated an idea to give the president a new kind of line-item veto. >> it is really just about shining a spotlight on specific spending items that do
want to write it down on your hand. anyway -- >> president obama sat down with bill o'reilly for a wide ranging interview during the super bowl coverage. mike viqueira is at the white house with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a super bowl tradition. an interview with the network airing the game. the president continued to walk the political and diplomatic tight rope on egypt while where you shalling -- brushing off personal attacks. mr. obama sat down with a frequent critic, bill o'reilly where the subject turned to egypt and hosni mubarak. >> only he knows what he's going to do. here's what we know. egypt is not going back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. >> reporter: he's come close in recent days. >> an orderly transition must be meaningful. >> reporter: president obama would not call for mubarak to step down before september elections. >> what we can do, bill, is we can say that the time is now for you to start making a change in that country. >> reporter: while conceding that there are anti-u.s. elements within the muslim brotherhood, the pr
's the obama budget and the political battle of the year this morning jack lou, the president's budget director, defends the proposal. plus the egypt effect is sparking new violence in iran as thousands of protesters hit the streets. >>> this morning italian prime minister has been ordered to stand trial for trying to cover up a lurid sex scandal. it's tuesday, february 15th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. all sex scandals are lurid. >> if not, what's the point? good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. we'll get to the rundown and we'll start with breaking news president obama has scheduled a news conference for late this morning. he'll be talking about the budget among other things. >> we're expecting him to come out at 11:00 to defend his plan in person 24 hours after he released it. atheena, there was no press briefing scheduled today. that should have been the first tip, right? >> it should have been a sign. we heard administration officials say yesterday that it really was just the opening bid. a long fight ahead. a debate about the size and scope of the government. the classic debate really b
president bush. originally pro president obama. he says no, i think that's a good idea to talk but so far there's been no movement yet. >> so we will keep an eye on that particular square and when there is movement and if they do indeed start to march on the palace we'll keep you posted. yesterday in the 78 eight page opinion, a u.s. district judge of northern florida ruled that the president's health care initiative is unconstitutional. you know that part that is called the -- >> this is gigantic. >> that is unconstitutional. the government, he says, can't tell you, you got to go out and you got to buy insurance or get fined. that's against the law, says roger. >> actually, he ended up saying because of that, the whole thing is unconstitutional. basicly in his ruling, he said you can't just parse out this one segment. you have to then rule that the entire law is unconstitutional. so what happens now? we've had two courts that ruled in favor of the obama administration. one in western virginia and one in michigan. and then you had two courts who say it's unconstitutional. one in eastern v
.65 trillion this year. so that in mind, president obama says his new plan will shave more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. now, two-thirds of his goal would be accomplished with spending cuts and a five-year freeze on many domestic programs. the other one-third of the savings would come from tax increases. that would include limits on tax deductions for the wealthy. so here's some of the major cuts in the budget. discretionary spending which includes dozens of federal programs. that's going to be slashed by about $400 billion. also, pell grants for needy college students will be cut by $100 billion over the next ten years. and then richard, defense spending. that would be decreased by $78 billion. also headed for the chopping block, heating assistance for the poor. also, money for water treatment plants. and then airport grants as well. now, richard, not address in the president's plan or any republican proposal for that matter, tackling social security, also medicare. and then other entitlements, richard, which make up about 60% of the federal budget, richard. >> ye
he treats women and the way women are treated in italian society. >>> president barack obama unveils his any federal budget tomorrow. most of the details are still under wraps, but the white house says it will cut deficits by $1.1 thrill onover the next ten years. he plans a five-year freeze on nonsecurity discretionary spending for a savings of $400 billion. he 'also proposing $100 billion in cuts to the pell grant program. we have the full story straight ahead. >>> the head of a grocery store change in the western united states has resigned after being arrested on child prostitution charges. he was ceo of sunflower farmers' market and founded wild oats market which was later sold to whole foods. he's accused of soliciting sexy a girl who identified herself as a minor. police say he drove to a phoenix hotel to have sex. the ultimate buzz killer just hit hugh hefner's playboy mansion. the health department is investigating if the mansion is linked to the illnesses of about 100 people symptoms included fever, violent headaches, and breathing problems. some of the sick have already bee
than ever as this uprising enters its 18th day. meanwhile, president obama is questioning whether mobile's transfer to power -- whether statement on the transfer to power is sincere. abc 7 news reporting. >>> back in this country, some of the people who may take on president obama next year will speak with conservative activists today. republican congressional leaders and will estate mogul donald trump spoke on the first day of that conference. he said that he may make a white house bid in 2012. >>> arizona republican john kyle says that he will retire when his term ends in 2012. this came a day after virginia democrat jim webb announced he would not seek reelection next year. five senators announced plans to leave office when their terms are finished. >>> metro board members are considering cutting late-night service on weekends to save money. the trains currently run until 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. metro is considering shutting down service at midnight on those nights. that would help close the $72 million budget gap. the proposal is just in the early stages. >>>
.s. cannot micromanage the process in egypt but the obama administration in her view needs to make its goals clear. >>> all right. so what happens in the coming months will shape the way the u.s. military deals with a post-mubarak egypt. this is a country that gets more than a billion u.s. dollars for its armed forces. pentagon correspondent chris lawrence with us now from washington. chris, what exactly is being weighed? >> reporter: well, at its base level, fed ricka, what about this $1.3 billion? that's what the u.s. gave to egypt last year, that's how much the obama administration has requested for this year. to give to egypt in military aide. we're talking about coal producing, more than a thousand abrams tanks, hundreds of f-16 fighter jets, coming up later this year, the egyptian military expected to take delivery on coastal patrol craft, air defense missiles. it run it is gamut. a congressional report seems to estimate 80% of the egypt arsenal is paid for by this american aid. >> so depending on the leadership in egypt, if there is, indeed, a decision made by the u.s. to trim the amo
in cairo where thousands of egyptians continue to celebrate. this afternoon, president obama hailed the revolution, the people of egypt has spoken and the country will never be the same. he said the nation's fight for democracy is not yet over. >> but this is not the end of egypt's transition. it is the beginning. i am sure there will be difficult days ahead, and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers, and do so peacefully, constructively, and in the spirit of unity that has defined these last few weeks. >> it is not just in cairo and across egypt, people all across the world have been watching this revolution unfold, including egyptians who were living here in maryland now. gary sims continues our team coverage live from woodlawn. >> we are at the islamic society of baltimore. we found egyptian americans who were very happy with what happened and very proud of what has happened. not only here at the islamic society but throughout the area. we also felt people who have been joining in on the celebration who are from other c
to cooperate with president obama on crucial national issues. house speaker, john and others had a nice lunch. they agreed to work together to improve the economy. >> we did have a fairly robust conversation about the need for all of us to work together to send a signal that we are serious about cutting spending. >> there's an agreement that we have to change the way washington works, particularly as it relates to spending. >> today was the first meeting between the president and gop leaders since republicans took control of the house. >>> congresswoman, gabrielle giffords has spoken for the first time since she was shot in the head in tucson. she made a request for breakfast. on monday, she asked for toast when her breakfast was delivered. doctors aren't saying how much more she may be speaking now, but they call it a breakthrough in her rehabilitation. giffords is at a rehab facility in houston recovering from a gun shot wound on january 8. six other people were killed in that attack. >>> he hasn't talked to me, i would have gone up with the fire. >> she escaped tragedy. now, she is head
on the budget. >> reporter: president obama sent his 2012 budget to congress, and big cuts are on the table. the white house directer said the plan has tough choices but republicans are saying it doesn't go far enough. michael hersenburg with more. >> reporter: president obama will unvail his budget plan today that will slash $12 trillion from the budget over the years. >> this budget asks washington to live win its needs. >> reporter: they will freeze domestic programs for 10 years. pell grants will also be cut. they provide loans to students. it would be used to keep the maximum college financial aid award at $5,550. >> we are not going to be able to do this painlessly. >> reporter: not only do they want deeper cuts in the budget, they are nighting for up to $100 billion in savings in the current budget. >> there's no limit to the amount of money our members want to cut. >> reporter: the republicans will introduce their own budget cut that will eliminate 60 programs and eliminate hundreds of others. >> the current lesson funning the government expires next month. if lawmakers can not agre
and doug in washington. president obama making calls to foreign leaders from great britain to turkey as the shock of egypt's revolution ripples around the world. so the president working the phones today. right, doug? >> according to the white house, the president made a number of calls to foreign leaders today on the subject of egypt. he spoke to prime minister cameron of the united kingdom. king abdullah of jordan and prime minister of turkey. the president also welcomed egypt's supreme council of the armed forces announcement that it is, quote, committed to a democratic civilian transition and will stand by egypt's international obligations. the president manufactured his conviction that democracy will bring more, not less, stability to that region. others are suggesting that leaders in the arab world need to be pro-active in bringing change before they, too, are overcome by revolutionary forces at work in that region. >> i think the lesson ought to be that authoritarian states in the region need to get ahead of their populations. they need to lead the process of political and eco
lady says the commander in chief has kicked the habit. michelle obama said the president has quit smoking. >> but will he be able to continue being smoke-free? ines ferre has more. >> reporter: it is one decision that seems to have everybody on president obama's side. >> even though i'm a republican, go obama. >> i think it is great. >> after spending decades as a smoker, the president is no longer lighting up. his wife, michelle obama, revealed tuesday that her husband hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year. white house spokesman robert gibbs says the president was able to quit with the help of the first lady and aides who also stopped smoking. >> when somebody decides to quit smoking to try to overcome the physical addiction that they have, they do it not just because they want to but because others want them to. >> about 46 million americans smoke and brain research has shown nicotine is powerfully addictive. three out of four smokers who try to quit relapse within six months. even president obama admitted in 2009 to taking the occasional puff. >> have i fallen off the wagon s
president obama. wjz is live with complete coverage of this visit. jessica cartalia is following the excitement in parkville. but first mary bubala has a look at the reason for the president's visit. >> reporter: it was at the school as president obama park parkville middle in the spotlight today as he unveiled his spending plan. the presidential motorcade arrived at parkville middle in the center of technology just after 10:00 this morning. soon after, president obama appeared in a classroom giving a nine minute speech, talking about reducing the deficit. >> right now this school, parkville is preparing our kids for the jobs and careers of the 21st century. >> reporter: the president saw firsthand how the school is doing just that. >> do you guys do a lot of group projects like this? >> yes. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. and that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders isn't economics, it isn't finance, it's not even business, it's engineering. >> reporter: the president's plans ar
receives a $3. -- congress receives a $3 trillion budget from president obama. >> kate amara has more from washington. >> after delivering his budget to congress, president obama travels to baltimore to visit a middle school to let key priorities for education in this 2012 spending plan president oba. >> this budget asks washington to live within its means while investing in our future. >> it includes one trillion dollars in deficit reduction. 2/3 of that in spending cuts. many domestic programs will be frozen. limit tax deductions for the wealthy. >> the notion we can do this painlessly is not possible to do this. satiric we have to make tough choices. >> republicans say the cuts to not go deep enough -- we have to make tough choices. >> in a letter signed by one of the 50 economists, john boehner said it washington spending binge is hurting the economy. >> cutting spending will help create a better environment for job creation in america. >> he is calling on the president to support efforts to slash $61 billion from the current year. sharp cuts to the peace corps and then squeeze billion
, even presdident obama thought he'd step down. >> we are witnessing history unfold. it is a moment of transformation that is taking place. >> but mubarak won't budge, turning over command to his vice president, but vowing to stay on until september. disappointment in cairo and here in the u.s. >> i honestly expected him to resign today. when he didn't, it was such a letdown. >> what happens now? will the military turn on protesters? will a coup force mubarak out and threaten $1.5 billion in u.s. aid? >> there will be a danger of violence now because of the anger. so the stakes are higher. >> the u.s. is pushing but promised not to interfere. >> the regime is circling the wagon in preparation for a confrontation not only with those who are behind the uprising, but also with the united states. >> the crowd here expected to reach record numbers today. in a statement, president obama said it is not clear that mubarak's latest action is immediate, meaningful, or sufficient. from washington, tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a grand jury has indicted a man in the murder of a dancer from
of suspected burglars. >>> this morning, some heavy reading for lawmakers after president obama releases his $3 trillion budget plans. >>> and a nice valentine's day surprise. very mild weather, but tom kierein says watch out for that wind. "news 4 midday" begins right now. >>> good morning and happy valentine's day. welcome to "news 4 midday," i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, february 14th, 2011. >>> and we begin this morning with a police shoot-out in northwest d.c. this is exclusive home video of police cornering a burglary suspect. in the end, one of those suspects was killed, another injured after the late-night incident. it all started with a call about a home invasion at 12th and irving streets northeast. news 4's tracee wilkins has been on the scene all morning and has the latest for us. >> reporter: d.c. police are still on the scene here, investigating this homicide from last night after a shoot-out between suspects and police. this as one of the suspects is brought back to the scene. >> reporter: around 9:00 a.m., police brought one of the burglary suspects back out to the scene of
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